1. Greater longitudinal stability - a must for longer kayaks - no bounce and need to tie down boat ends.
2. Improved hull support - EZ Vee cradles the kayak, reducing point pressure on delicate hulls and seams. Moveable V’s can be located at the best place to support your kayak.
3. Ease of loading, one end can be loaded at a time.
4. Ten second bungee tie-down system.
5. Less damage caused to kayak by elastic bungees than harsh fabric straps.
6. Proven track record - EZ Vee has been used in Europe for over 20 years.
7. Compatible with Thule® and Yakima® cross racks.
8. Sleek, non-rust powder coat impact resistant finish provides unbeatable durability.
9. Lightweight and easy to install.
10. A Model for every boat.
11. Quick removable V’s, so when EZ-Vees are not in use racks have a sleek Aerodynamic profile.