Kayak Ergometer Kayak Ergometer developed by KayakPro - SpeedStroke

SpeedStroke, the leading kayak ergometer developed by KayakPro, is in a constant state of evolution. We are planning an October launch of our fully weight-calibrated, heart rate-monitoring, calories burned county, average 1000m speed-quantified, stroke rate counting, time trial-calibrated, computer downloadable, resistance-adjustable machine!

Dragon Boat, Outrigger, Flat-Water Canoe, Switch-Canoe Ergo

For the people that prefer the one-sided discipline of our sport, we introduce MultiStroke. To be launched in October, this machine will give to canoeists and Dragon boaters what SpeedStroke will give kayakers. The Dragon boat team to represent Great Britain in the 2003 Dragon Boat World Championships is to be selected based on their performance on MultiStroke.

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