1. Adjustable shaft length

Allows extension and reduction, to
customize both the feel and resistance
simulating "on water" padding action.

2. Sit & Switch (side to side) mechanism

Allows the paddle to change sides and
simulate outrigger paddling.

3. Foot operated Shimano hydraulic
disc brakes on all 3 wheels

Allows the rider the ability to stop in all weather
conditions and speeds, making the Dragon Trike
the best in safety.

4. 9 x Shimano gears

The one-touch Shimano derailleur system
gives immediate and accurate up and
down gear by gear changes.

This ensures your paddling energy is well
spent and allows the best possible
efficiency in all terrain.

5. Adjustable Seat

Available in: Carbon Nelo Style OR
                   Standard Fiberglass

6. Lightweight alloy racing wheels

Quick release, high pressure
lightweight alloy, low resistance
5-spoke racing wheels.

These state of the art wheels
minimize resistance and increase
speed movement.

The specially designed 5-spoke
trike wheels accommodate the
torsional movement experienced
when cornering trikes.

7. Optional upgrade fairing panels

Make your Dragon Trike look even more sleek.

8. T-Bar steering mechanism

Allows for responsive foot controlled steering.

Dragon Trike

  • Outrigger, Dragon Boat and Va'a Trike
  • Ergonomically designed seating and footrest arrangement all fully adjustable
  • A sit and switch mechanism to allow either one sided paddling or paddling both sides


More Features:


  • 9 x Speed One touch Shimano gears.
  • Hydraulic Shimano foot operated disk brake – on all 3 wheels.
  • Quick release High Pressure Lightweight alloy low resistance 5 –Spoke racing wheels.
  • Adjustable paddle shaft – for personal
    set-up and customization.
  • T-Bar steering mechanism.
  • Adjustable Nelo style Carbon or Fiberglass contoured seat.
  • Outrigger style "sit and switch" mechanism.
  • Optional upgrade side panel fairings.
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