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Composite Recreational kayaks

KayakTrek Kayaks, by KayakPro are our range of cost-conscious composite construction recreational kayaks. They maintain the high quality of composite construction that our Elite racing performance kayaks do. Composite construction is in itself is synonymous with smooth sleek finishes and lightweight constructions- giving ease of performance and handling. Why struggle with overweight plastic boats? The light and responsive feel of composite kayaks allows the paddler to be as one with his boat.

Our Kayaks, although cost conscious are constructed with high performance Epoxy resins, and composite heat-cured moulding techniques -leaving aside lower quality polyester resins.

recreational kayaks, composite kayaks
recreational kayaks, composite kayaks
recreational kayaks, hand crafted kayaks

recreational kayaks, hand crafted kayaks

Epoxy resins ensure stiff, durable, hard-wearing boats that make KayakTrek kayaks far more durable than kayaks made with simple heavier, polyester resins- they have less risk of de-lamination and deterioration.

Our Kayaks are joined and beautifully finished both internally and externally. The external Kevlar seams ensuring a robust craft capable of taking the all too common knocks.

KayakTrek kayaks should not be confused with mass produced roto-mold or thermo-formed plastic kayaks, these are hand-crafted composite kayaks made from premium materials for improved weight and performance.


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