We have compiled below a schedule of workouts based upon fitness and experience levels to allow you to make the most of your Ergometer and to provide some focus and direction to your training regimen.

Remember to rotate and vary your training workouts to keep interest and motivation. If you feel tired perhaps select an easier workout.

You may also want to incorporate a countdown repeat function on a digital watch to help you maintain motivation on the minute based training sessions.

A Word of Warning

Please remember to consult your physician or healthcare professional prior to starting to train on your Ergometer, to ensure you are fit enough to undertake exercise.

  • Always use caution when starting a new training regimen.

  • Be conservative in your training and training goals, until you feel you are fully familiar with both the Ergometer and your own personal fitness level and ability.

  • Remember to use good technique whilst paddling- use rotational technique as well as your arms for a full body core workout- this will maximize the benefit you get from your SLS Paddleboard Ergometer.

  • Remember to drink water to remain hydrated- you may also want to set up a cooling fan to make your workout session more comfortable.

KayakPro Release
By using KayakPro's Ergometer or undertaking any of the training sessions listed below- the user accepts full responsibility for all risks and injury to self and others, and waives any rights to themselves, their heirs, or executors to hold the manufacturer or its representatives responsible in any direct or indirect injury whatsoever, however caused by use of our products.

Remember its fun!

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