KayakPro Canoe Ergometer - C1N

KayakPro USA LLC - official suppliers of Ergometers to the  Athens, Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games.
Our C1-N canoe Ergometer is the Gold standard for Canoe ergometers - used by most of the world's top Canoe paddlers. The switchable functionality allows it to be used for either right or left- handed paddlers. The sliding platform and altered catch arm and flywheel allows almost perfect replication of the canoe paddling.


Featured athlete - Mark Oldershaw {Can]

Features now include:

  • Sliding platform (Boat Style) with adjustable levels of travel / resistance.
  • Raised catch arm to provide blade entry “down-Pressure”.
  • Variable height and length “Catch arm” to allow athlete specific stoke / catch alignment.
  • Fully adjustable resistance, now increased over and above the Kayak Ergometer Flywheel to replicate the great resistance experienced in Canoe paddling.
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Large visible on-board console display.
  • Canoe Ergometer comes fully equipped with Knee block- adjustable rear foot rest.

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$2,800 USD + shipping

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