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Simplified Technique Overview


Entry Phase  

  • Ensure Torso rotation
  • Straighten Pulling Arm
  • Resisting Arm - Shoulder / Eye height
  • Elbow of Resisting Arm greater than 90 degrees
  • Pressure through Stroke Side Leg
  • Avoid excessive resisting arm crossover
  • Ensure full blade entry at footrest

Pull & Exit phase  

  • Unwind Torso
  • Extend Stroke Side Leg
  • Pull blade backwards
  • Blade exit on stroke side at hip
  • Simultaneously, Resisting Arm Straightens, finishing at Shoulder / Eye Height, with hand relaxed
  • Elbow remains lower than hand and shoulder on resisting arm
  • Trapezius remains relaxed throughout paddle cycle

Airwork / Recovery  

  • Straight Lead Arm ·
  • After exit of blade - Initiate Torso Rotation
  • Trailing Arm Hand lift to Shoulder / Eye Height