SwimFast Ergometer

SwimFast Ergometer should be considered as a supplement and an enhancement to water-work. SwimFast is engineered to compliment your water time – to maximize strength, reduce swim times and maximize your time in the water. Just 15 minutes a day on SwimFast will leave you stronger and ready.

So what can SwimFast offer the competitive or fitness swimmer that water-work cannot?

SwimFast's variable resistance settings, reactive swim bench and silky smooth, delay proof catch offers the athlete:

  • Specific swim-action strength building at both higher and lower resistance levels than water-work alone can provide.
  • Conditioning training at both higher and lower than water-work frequency / stroke rates.
  • Opportunity to train when time is limited or darkness is a limiting factor.
  • Guaranteed equal resistance on each side, ensuring a symmetrical balanced workout.
  • The ability to isolate torso and upper body work, leading to specific strength and endurance gains.
  • Computer monitoring of performance, speed, stroke rate and work output.
  • Technique refinement and enhancement, together with the option to use the Halo Swim System to ensure correct technique replication and improvement.
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