Hi Res Workout bands

SwimFast with Hi-Res resistance bands


Additional Resistance bands.

Make your SwimFast ergometer even more multi-functional – add a Set of Multiple resistance bands,

The additional resistance bands clip onto SwimFast’s Adjustable arms and attaches to your hand paddles allowing you to increase the resistance by adding between 1-4 bands.

They can be used independently or in conjunction with Your SwimFast flywheel.

The resistance band pack comes with.

• 4 x Clip on resistance bands
• Its own convenient carrying bag.

US/ Canada / Asia

Additional Resistance Bands

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Additional Resistance Bands

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Additional Resistance Bands

£80 GBP + shipping
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* Whilst the SwimFast Pro Ergometer is designed to better withstand higher humidity environments – please note it is never ideal to store and use mechanical and electronic products in these types of environments. Many pools' environs can be acidic, and corrosive.

We therefore offer no firm assurance that some degree of deterioration / oxidation may be a possibility. We would recommend that our products are stored - wherever possible - in friendlier less aggressive environments to avoid premature deterioration.

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