Risk Control

In order that injuries and/or accidents can be minimized, the following evaluation needs to be addressed and taken into taken into consideration prior to use, by both coaches and/or the user:


  • Who might be harmed?
  • Advice given or taken for controlling the risk?
  • Further Control Measures?
  • Finger, hair entrapment?
  • Users and on-lookers should be warned about putting fingers in or around the flywheel, near pulleys and ropes. [A warning notice is already posted on the SwimFast Ergometer flywheel]
  • Users and on-lookers should be warned about the possibility of being struck by the moving ropes or hands.
  • On-lookers must stay clear and out of the ‘no go’ [safe working] area and from the immediate vicinity of Ergometer.

Strain Injuries

  • Users must use appropriate resistance.
  • Instruction should be given by a coach or responsible overseer or caution taken by the user, so as not to over exert themselves. It is better to start with a low resistance level and build up both with regard to familiarity of exercise and in the use of the SwimFast Ergometer.
  • Lifting and handling advice and training given when moving the Ergometer.

Exercise Induced Stress

  • Users and or coaches must not pressure other users when using the SwimFast Ergometer.
  • Caution with regard to over extending the exercise intensity or exercise duration and should be used- especially when not familiar with the SwimFast Ergometer.
  • Skin abrasions / blisters may occur – especially when new to the Trainer.
  • If these occur consult your physician or healthcare professional.

Slips and Trips

  • All to ensure floors are suitable, to locate the SwimFast Ergometer.
  • Ensure that there are no items of equipment lying around that could lead to a trip.
  • Ensure other training activities are kept at a distance.

Falling Off Ergometer

  • Users Training in technique and balance given, beginners observed at all times.

Ergometer Collapsing

  • Users to ensure all adjustments, nuts and bolts are secure and functional prior to exercise. The Golden rule is: Always proceed with caution, until fully familiar with both the nature of the exercise and the SwimFast Ergometer itself.
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