Take the 9-Week SwimFast improvement program challenge and increase your strength and performance.

Improvements of up to 25% increase in performance [measured in Watts] are common and can be made in just 4 weeks of the program.

The 9-week plans below, using the structured workout program can empirically track your improvement - Bluetooth connected to your SwimFast and Trainerroad account.

Yes, you can be in front of the crowd, expect improvement gains of 25%, empirically measured in CP / watts, in just 9 weeks - transferable to the water. Take the 9-week SwimFast boot camp challenge:
Select one of 2 formats for the 9-week SwimFast
improvement program.:
Disclaimer Optimized Simplified

The Optimized version allows you to program, structure, record and empirically track improvement. [It is based upon Critical Power determined by a Critical Power test.] It requires KayakPro Genesis Port Bluetooth portal to connect to the interactive Trainerroad and iC Trainer platforms below.

These platforms are 3rd Party applications that your KayakPro SwimFast and Genesis Port Bluetooth Portal can interface with and access.

The Simplified version has the same workout content as the Optimized option and is based upon “perceived” effort levels, rather than empirical data, Critical Power tests, it does not require KayakPro Genesis Port Bluetooth connectivity, integration with Trainerroad, or iCTrainer platforms.

To custom create and program and record your workout. Once created in TrainerRoad – download to the low-cost icTrainer application – The icTrainer platform will then guide you through your structured training. Upon completion upload back to your Trainerroad account, Strava or GarminConnect, TrainingPeaks

A low cost - Multifaceted workout interactive platform that allows your pre-programmed customized workouts to be displayed, counted, and ultimately re-uploaded to your Trainerroad account, keeping all indoor and outdoor workouts in your training account. Workouts can be saved in , record all your triathlon activities for Run, Bike, Swim and now Indoor SwimFast swim.
Content credit to SwimFast Ambassador and all-around good guy: Daniel Mueller

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