KayakPro iRaceExpress

iRaceExpress is KayakPro’s Interactive, Regatta course format based interactive software.

iRaceExpress allows one or Multiple KayakPro Ergometers to be connected together on a custom settable interactive regatta course. iRaceExpress allows for up to 1- 15 Ergometers to be connected together.

iRaceExpress also features:

  • Virtual Pace paddlers

    Programmable Virtual Pace paddlers can join your session, the data for each one of these Virtual competitors can be pre-set and programmed, by Name speed and also by split / pace times.

    You can set up to a total of 15 programmable/ live or virtual pace paddlers and competitors- This allows you to be able to train and race with others or Virtual competitors- with settable varying paces paddlers. This is an ideal enhancement for either individual or group/ club training sessions.

$220 USD + shipping
(Please email Steve for a download link)

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