GYM Paddle ErgoFit

A totally new and exciting concept is the use of KayakPro Ergometers in a Commercial Gym or training studio environment.

Gym members who are bored with the standard array of treadmills, weights and rowing machines that most gyms provide, can now participate in an interactive program using KayakPro Ergometers – this gym / group concept adds fun, camaraderie and excitement to workouts.

Many gyms and paddling centers in different parts of the world now use KayakPro Ergometers in conjunction with our interactive software to paddle along with and against one another in group sessions.

The concept of paddle fitness and “Spinning using our Ergometers is also taking off- as a novel way to stay fit – but in a sport specific way.

Gym Model Case Study

Benefits for Gyms

  • Attracts sport specific fee paying members to a participating gym thereby increasing gym membership.
  • Novelty value of our Ergometers will create a more participatory and motivated clientele.
  • The “unique” brand-ability of the participating gym will be promoted.
  • The high re-sale value of our Ergometers means that the risk of investment capital is very low- most Ergometer seven after one full year of use – can be resold for just $ 250 less per machine than original purchase value.
  • The benefits of a far more “rounded” and balanced work out for participants- our Ergometers have a more core formatted exercise profile. Incorporating strength, fitness and cardio workouts in one exercise.
  • Allows for just one instructor to coach up to 20 x people at any one time in a controlled hands-on, captive environment. Mirrors allowing for technique coaching opportunities.
  • Interactive projected software can be displayed on a facing wall for a truly interactive experience.
  • Revenue generating programs that can add to the overall viability of a any gym by giving clients a “go-to” destination when paddling is not possible on the water, either due to cold or hot climatic conditions, time constraints on constraints of limited daylight.
See some sample Gym locations below where “paddle fitness” programs are part of, if not the main structure of the Gyms:



Outrigger Advantage Performance Training Center

2918 Lakeshore Blvd. W.

Etobicoke Toronto





1895 Clements Rd Unit #156


ON L1W 3V5






Pro Paddling Fitness

Panama City, Panama Central America

“Welcome Pro Paddle Fitness is Panama’s first indoor paddle training gym that provides a state of the art training facility and custom training programs for paddle sport competitors in the discipline of Cayuco, Outrigger Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle, and Kayak. Our experienced staff of coaches and trainers offer a professional high-energy environment to push every athlete to their full potential. We strive to elevate the level of paddling sports across Panama and offer a fun and safe environment for novice paddlers who want to enjoy recreational paddling. We are also a supplier of canoes, paddles, clothing, training equipment and accessories for all disciplines of paddle sports.”



Brody Welte


+1 619 422 9063

Coronado – The Club Room and Boathouse

1285 Strand Way


San Diego

California 92118

Rideau Cross Fit

Rideau Cross Fit

151 Bentley Ave. Unit 13

Ottawa ON

K2E 6T7


Tel: +1 613 601 4861

Golds Gym Rosemere

Gold’s Gym Rosemere Montreal Quebec

303 Boul. Curé-Labelle

Rosemère (Québec) J7A 2H7


+1 450 433-4400


Canal Fitness / 22 Dragons

Canal Fitness & 22 Dragons

Gym and Fitness Center

Complexe Dompark

5524, St-Patrick Street #150


Quebec, H4E 1A8


Tel: +1 514 509 1032

OKC High Performance Centre

Oklahoma City High Performance Center

725 S Lincoln Blvd

Oklahoma City

OK 73129

Tel: +1 514 509 1032

Lummi Fitness Centre

2600 Kwina Road

Bellingham, WA 98226

Phone: (360) 384-2274

OneLife Health & Wellness

#1-360 Spedding Court

Kelowna, BC


Tel: +1 250-869-1427


The Life Center

Greenville Hospital System

875 West Faris Rd

Greenville SC 29605

Phone: (864) 455 4034


Studio B Borken

Studio B Fitness and Wellness

Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 8

46325 Borken


+49 2861-60 08 88



Unit 6 / 410 Pittwater Rd,

North Manly NSW 2100


Ph: (02) 8065 0385