Comparison Chart

Speedstroke PRO Compact Comparison Chart.

Comparison Speedstroke Kayak ergometer and Compact Kayak Ergometer Speedstroke PRO Compact
Length of machine 290 cm. 254 cm.
114 In. 100 In.
Seat Construction FibreGlass Carbon
Adjustable Aluminium Shaft - with Carbon shaft upgrade Yes Yes
Adsjustable resiatance Yes Yes
Colapsable No Yes
Perfect Delay proof Catch and correct length of machine Yes Yes
Wheels for easy movement Yes Yes
Robust Aluminium and Steel Frame Yes Yes
Designed for Professionalf use. Used by 100's of World and Olympic Champions Yes Yes
Easy Assembly only 30 - 40 Mins. Yes Yes
Upgradable to include Genesis Port bluetooth smart console and Kinomap Yes Yes
Price point Lower Higher
Console Yes Yes