Freestyle / Technique

When using SwimFast try to emulate as closely as possible the technique used in the water. This way the training effect will be greatest.

  • 1. Locate your legs in the footrest so they are comfortable and “long”. Adjust the length and width of the extendable footrest as necessary.
  • 2. Resist arching your back and building tension in your neck and back whilst training. Allow the bench to absorb your weight. Use the adjustable forehead rest if required to support the head.
  • 3. Use a smooth cadence during your stroke, keeping the ropes tight throughout the range of motion.

Remember! .. perfect practice makes perfect.

1. Pre-Entry

Ensure a high elbow return, for the Pre-Catch.

2. Entry and Catch

Extend your left  arm forward into the “catch” position, your left arm back in the “finish” position.

3. Pull

Start the pull with your left arm, keeping your wrist and hand rigid. The left arm will move forward as the right arm moves backward.


Keep your elbows in a high position. As you pull with the left arm, resist with the right.

4. Mid-stroke

Sweep your left arm past your body, simulating the same motion used in the water. Your right arm will simultaneously be recovering forward. Concentrate on feeling the pressure distribution in your arms, shoulders and back. Keep your elbows in a high position.

5. Finish

Accelerate as your arm sweeps under your body. • Sweep your right hand past your hips, just brushing the side of your right hip. • Finish strongly with a final push of the hand.

Repeat sequence alternating arms.

Note / Caution: If employing the rotational function of SwimFast start slowly until you become familiar with the mechanism and action.
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