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Optimized Boot-camp Training Plan


The KayakPro® SwimFast 9-Week optimized training plan uses 3 x main training workouts to achieve improvement: each workout having a different training target. It also incorporates a Critical Power test [CP] to determine a base line of fitness / strength levels. Used within the workout and be able to show, CP levels and empirical improvement.

Yes, you can be in front of the crowd, expect improvement gains of 25%, empirically measured in CP / watts, in just 9 weeks - transferable to the water. Take the 9-week SwimFast boot camp challenge:
Select one of 2 formats for the 9-week SwimFast
improvement program.:

The 9-week plan is a suggested guide rather than being set-in-stone but offers a targeted structure and framework which will lead to improvement. Before starting any training regimen please view and pay attention the Disclaimer notice.

Sample base-line / familiarization workouts are here below, Endurance, Technique and Strength. You can use these as your starting point.

For the 9-week bootcamp Structured program , organized in 3 x 3-week blocks of workouts see below. Feel free to print the training programs to guide you. It may be somewhat challenging - but it will bring results!

Ideally, try to get three rotational workouts per week (an endurance, a technique and a strength session), with at least one day of recovery between each session. Repeat these workouts for at least three weeks, in each block.

If a workout is too hard, feel free to shorten the sets, increase the rest intervals or lower the flywheel resistance.

Never compromise form and technique (high elbow catch and acceleration through the pull).

When training on your SwimFast using the 9-week plan, remember to adopt and maintain the basics of good technique using EVF Early vertical forearm. Only Perfect Practice make Perfect!

The training workouts and Critical Power test can all be custom created in Trainerroad, or directly in icTrainer. These sessions can then be downloaded into icTrainer - on your tablet - as your in-training guide and visual reference. Created sessions, in Trainerroad can be used repeatedly or indeed modified.

Post workout, the workout data can be re-uploaded to your Trainerroad account to add-into your training data log.

Workouts can also be saved in , and

To construct your CP Base line. Use the Critical Power Test protocol at the bottom of the page, this. The formula at the below of the page will give you your Critical Power figure.

*If you use the icTrainer platform [recommended] your CP value, will be auto-calculated for you and inserted automatically into your icTrainer account profile. Download and follow the CP icTrainer / KayakPro SwimFast template within the application.


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