Simon Whitfield

Contribution to our Workouts page has been kindly suggested by:

Neil Brooks [Aus]

Most of Neil’s swimmers are competing typically in 50m and 100m

Generally work 2 sessions week as the main focus is on RPSR (race pace stroke rate) maintaining maximum length of stroke instigating an early catch accelerating through to recovery.

I’ll simulate rate distance in terms of target time. For each if a swimmer is trying to break 30 seconds for 50 freestyle then we simulate RPSR for 30 seconds and we might do a set where we do 10x30 second reps at 46 SPM WITH 90 Seconds recovery.

Monitor the power output also, as this will allow you to track strength improvement while holding stroke rate. Typically the sessions go no longer than 15-20 min as they are always quality focused. If the session is done correctly then 15 min of hard ergo work is more than enough to get a result.

Start with 3-5 min of warm up slow steady reps checking technique the 4-5 10 second max effort bursts with a min recovery to get a feel and Heart Rate spiked before main set.

For 100 m simulation I very rarely will do more than 5 reps...once again if a swimmer is trying to break a minute we might do 5 reps as above with SR adjusted because it’s a 100s at around 42 SPM and do these with plenty of rest maybe 4-5 min once again done correctly there’s plenty of quality in the session.

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