Safety & Guidelines

  • Ensure your factory or specialist cross racks and cross rack fittings on your vehicle are both appropriate and strong enough to carry your boat. Consult your cross rack manufacturers if in doubt. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit for your vehicle roof racks. Total weight is the sum of the weight of your load plus the weight of accessories used to carry the load.
  • Ensure your cross racks are as far apart as they can be. A minimum span of 37 inches [95 cm] ross – rack to cross rack is required to use Kayaking Racks.
  • Ensure your ‘Vs’ and boat does not overhang the width of the vehicle.
  • Center your boat in the racks. [Ahmas must be removed if carrying an outrigger.
  • Fix 2 x elastics per ‘V’. If shorter elastic is required double the elastic over itself. If a long drive, adverse or windy conditions are envisaged use the 2 x additional “cam buckle” tie-down straps included to further strap the boat to the EZ Vee long bar. Front and rear [Bow and Stern] lines are also advisable and recommended. Safety first!
  • Always drive at slow speeds and with caution when transporting boats - wind pressures can build up at high speeds. Comply with all traffic signals and instructions.
  • Don’t forget the length of the boat you are carrying!
  • Check your boat, racks, U bolts and tie-downs frequently. Re-tighten as necessary.
  • Attach the red warning / safety flag to the rear of your boat. Most states require an 18” x 18” flag to be attached.
  • Do not modify your Kayaking Racks.
  • Make yourself aware of all state and federal laws and requirements regarding the transportation over length and over size loads.