racing kayaks
Weight Range: 165lbs/74.84kg - 250lbs/113.4kg
A slightly larger volume kayak than the Nemo, designed with the same performance characteristics, but able to accommodate the larger paddler. A wider cockpit and increased front deck volume accommodates mid to heavy athletes. The same stability and hull profile as the Nemo, Marlin is fitted with Bulkheads, decklines (with  recessed deck fittings), carrying handles,  hatches, a  responsive  " Gas-peddle" rudder system, and the option of an upgrade Carbon fibre rudder. Fits USCA and USACK regulations for races.

Lenght: 17'11.5" [5.47m], Width: 21.5" [547mm], Cockpit Size: 17.72" [450mm] and 32.09" [815mm]
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