• Distance
  • Time
  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate
  • Power output in Watts
  • Calories Burned Per Hour
  • Time elapsed
  • Count down distance or time
  • Projected or Pace speed
  • Speed
  • Connection to PC software

The on-board console is able to receive input of the performing athlete’s weight. It is important to input the user’s weight in order to ensure that the data output for each SUP Ergometer is specific to the weight of the athlete that is using it.

If no athlete’s weight is entered, a default weight of 75 kg or 168 lbs is automatically used. Please refer to the KayakPro On-Board Console Instruction Manual for information on how to enter athlete weight.

The standard On-Board Console should be calibrated each time the ergometer is used - this will ensure consistency and accuracy of data output and consistency between SUP Ergometers.

The onboard console is designed to operate indoors, in low-medium humidity environments. [<60% @ 25 °C].  It is not waterproof, and should not be stored, maintained and/ or used in High humidity environments, nor subject to contact with water or moisture.
High humidity environments, e.g. swimming pools, and external patios / areas in hot and humid climates may well negatively affect the functioning of the on board consoles. Corrosion and deterioration of vital contact elements, and electronics are possible.
Our bumper to bumper guarantee, expressly excludes the on board console where it is used in high humidity environments.



For Compatible Heart Rate transmitter for use with our Ergometers we recommend Wahoo TICKR

TICKR - is super reliable, accurate and secure. It tracks your heart rate and calorie burn during any activity or workout. It offers both Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility.

We are also currently working on compatibility and integration with our friends at Wahoo and TICKR to integrate their Training App. with our on-board consoles this will then allow you to not only view your training profiles in real time - but to also post workout, record and share your training data to one of 100+ Training apps like Garmin, Strava, Applefit, Nike Fit, Suunto Moves Count, and many more.

$ 49.99 USD + SHIPPING


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