SUP The Workout Locations

Make your location a revenue generating “go-to” destination
for your SUP specific - ever increasingly popular market.


Benefits for gyms, gym owners and sport specific retail outlets.

  • Attracts sport specific fee paying members to a participating gym or location thereby increasing gym membership/revenue.
  • Novelty value of our Ergometers will create a more participatory and motivated clientele.
  • The “unique” brand-ability of the participating gym will be promoted.
  • The high re-sale value of our Ergometers means that the risk of investment capital is very low- most Ergometer even after one full year of use – can be resold for just $ 250 -$ 300 less per machine than original purchase value.
  • The benefits of a far more “rounded” and balanced workout for participants- our Ergometers have a more core formatted exercise profile.
  • Incorporating strength, fitness and cardio workouts in one exercise.
  • Allows for just one instructor to coach up to 20 x people at any one time in a controlled hands-on, captive environment. Mirrors allowing for technique coaching opportunities.
  • Interactive projected software can be displayed on a facing wall for a truly interactive experience.
  • Revenue generating programs that can add to the overall viability of a any gym or retail location giving clients a “go-to” destination when paddling is not possible on the water, either due to cold or hot climatic conditions, time constraints on constraints of limited daylight.
  • Own-to-lease SUP Ergometer purchase plans.
  • Create the “Buzz” in your location, and offer differentiation between your location and others.


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