The Dragon Boat Ergometer is perfect for off-season practice or fitness and has features like:

  • Flat platform seat
  • Lockable Switch arm
  • On board Console with real time data feed back
  • Infinitely adjustable resistance level
  • Delay Proof catch

"Without a doubt, the KayakPro MultiStroke Ergometer is the best tool to motivate a paddler through winter climates
such as we have in much of Canada. It faithfully reproduces and effectively mimics the sport we love."
- Kamini Jain, Canadian Team Coach, Premier Mixed Team

"As one of Canada's premier national women's coaches, I can say that the D1-M erg was an indispensable tool for dry-land testing in helping select athletes for the national team. Furthermore, the ability to provide individual feedback, which does not happen in a dragon boat, is of huge value in developing elite level dragon boaters. And of course its benefits as a coaching tool for both physical training, and being able to stand beside an athlete and teach them movements are obvious!"
- Matt Smith, Canadian Premier National Coach

"I am very proud of the continued tradition of excellent results for Canada at the IDBF worlds...
the use of KayakPro Ergometers played an important part in our Team’s athlete preparation and testing"
- Jim Farintosh, Canadian Team Coach, 1995-2011