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1. Adjustable silky smooth resistance

Adjustable silky smooth resistance with nine resistance levels, allowing you to select the optimum resistance for either distance work or sprint work. The patent pending auto-adjust mechanism ensures that there is exactly the same resistance/force on each side.

2. The On Board console – with instant data feedback and performance monitoring

This allows you to modify both your technique and training in order to maximize your workout and technique efficiency. The athlete weight adjusted, local condition calibrated data feedback includes KayakPro SLS Paddle Board software that allows machine to machine racing and training.

ANT+ Compatible Heart Rate
Stroke Rate
Power Output in Watts
Work Done in K/Cal

3. Use your own Paddle Board or Surf board – for familiarity and board specific training

You can bring your own paddle board to fix onto the instability platform. This then replicates precisely the comfort and set up of your own board. Your training will then be board-specific.

If you decide not to use your own board, because of space or time constrains, the padded instability platform below, will also allow you to get a great work out.

4. Reactive Instability Platform – allowing you to train not only the paddling but also the instability component.

The "feel-real" moving, tilting platform provides the board motion that you would expect from a real SLS paddle board. This encourages you to use the small stabilizing muscles that need to be trained in order to give you the full body workout that you would expect from on the water paddling. This "feel-real" board motion is essential in order to encourage the relationship and balance between maintaining board stability and intensity of effort. This is how you increase performance and speed on your SLS paddle board.

5. EASY GRIP HANDLES – allows the protected grip strap to be secured in the palm of the athletes hand, which allows the them to keep and maintain an open hand position as is used in paddle board paddling.

The adjustable, comfy fit hand paddles, allows the rider to paddle with an open hand – Just as he would on the water; this is important so that correct board technique is mimicked on the KayakPro Paddleboard Ergometer: “Perfect practice makes perfect”