CatchForce Slider - Kayak – Includes Seat and Paddle shaft.


$1,100 USD + shipping


€930 EUR + shipping


£995 GBP + shipping

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A “catch” strengthening exercise platform.
If the catch is the most important part of the paddling stroke,
why not increase your specific strength to this area?

CatchForce Kayak provides the athlete with a flat and level work platform; the travel, tension cords and railed incline providing resistance – reproducing the mechanics and effect of pulling the paddler [boat] past the water – using the immersed blade as the “anchor-point.”

CatchForce educates the muscle memory of the paddler to learn the all important technique of top arm resistance and lower arm / upper body / trunk rotation and mobilization. Resistance is increased by:

  • Additional weights to the smooth running boat platform;
  • Increasing the strength of the resistive bungees, - or
  • By attaching the boat platform to a standard “weight stack”.

The Kayak Version seat can be replaced by any Nelo standard or rotating seat for personalcustomization. CatchForce is a must for those Kayak Athletes specializing in explosive 200m events, or for those who want to simply improve their “CatchForce”.