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Add Adjustable D1M Paddle Shaft
The Kayak CatchForce can be modified for Dragon boat use with the addition of a Dragon Boat paddle shaft.
O1M / D1M Paddle Shaft
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A “catch” strengthening exercise platform.
If the catch is the most important part of the paddling stroke,
why not increase your specific strength to this area?

Available in both Kayak and Dragonboat sport and seating specific set-up versions, the CatchForce provides the athlete with a flat and level work platform; the travel, tension cords and railed incline providing resistance – reproducing the mechanics and effect of pulling the paddler [boat] past the water – using the immersed blade as the “anchor-point.”

CatchForce educates the muscle memory of the paddler to learn the all important technique of top arm resistance and lower arm / upper body / trunk rotation and mobilization. Resistance is increased by:

  • Additional weights to the smooth running boat platform;
  • Increasing the strength of the resistive bungees, - or
  • By attaching the boat platform to a standard “weight stack”.

The Kayak Version seat can be replaced by any Nelo standard or rotating seat for personal customization. CatchForce is a must for those Kayak Athletes specializing in explosive 200m events, or for those who want to simply improve their “CatchForce”.