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Kayak Genesis Port – Smart Console 

Genesis Port – Bluetooth Smart console can be retrofitted to any of our ergometers; by simply plugging into the ergometer into the flywheel pick up. Once installed the Genesis Port allows you to wirelessly connect your phone or tablet by Bluetooth to any one of our integrated applications. [Additional devices not included], so that your device now becomes your gateway to a whole world of interconnected platforms.

Genesis Port allows you to Bluetooth connect via the Kinomap application or icTrainer application to connect and record to your  cloud platform Strave or training peaks..


Important: The Gymtrackr App with its internal Spin-down calibration functionality has the ability to Also re-calibrate your Genesis Port – to ensure that when it is connected to any 3rd. Party Application is already calibrated in-line with your resistance and local condition settings.

Please refer to the Set-up guide for GymTrackr here: Click Here

You can select from a range of interactive screen options and parameters, alter to metric and imperial. The Gymtrackr App also has a calibration function so you can easily calibrate your KayakPro® Ergometer directly from your smart device.  


Upon completion of your workout it gives you the option to store your training data in App. or
Automatically send to your Strava account

One of the innovative developments is that we have partnered with Kinomap to integrate our ergometers to the Kinomap training platform.

We have produced over 100 fully interactive HD Geolocated KayakPro® videos with more to come, that means you can train, race to and paddle anywhere in the world from The Italian Lakes, to The Yucatan Mexico to Greece, Dubai, Miami, Cambridge England, Wales, Tokyo, California, Germany, South Africa and so many more.

Paddle with World and Olympic Champions from your KayakPro® Ergometer at home!


This incredible platform allows a fully interactive and integrated visual and data driven experience for all paddlers using our products.

This immersive experience adds a whole new dimension to indoor training. You can paddle almost anywhere in the world from your KayakPro® Ergometer.

Your ergometer performance is fully integrated with the Geo-located video – so you effectively become the participant in the video!

Once Kinomap is displayed on your iOS or Android device you can even send this to a large screen TV or even video wall to create a truly immersive interactive experience.

Kinomap Key Features

  • Separate scrolling screens features 1. performance data, 2. competition positions, a 3. leader board and 4. Google map location positions.
  • “Schedule your own on “demand races” invite friends, compete and train together in real-time virtually with your selected group of friends –  Organize a Friends’ paddling date, group-training session,  or race.
  • Your detailed training data is automatically recorded and is stored in Kinomap account or can be shared to your cloud-based training data app – Garmin Connect, Strava, Training Peaks
  • You can compete against others on their recorded video courses and they in turn can compete against you on yours; you can compete against your own previous performances.
  • Google Map interactive.
  • All real time performance data [HR, distance, time, Watts, Cal Stroke rate. And much more] displayed on the HD Video screen.
  • Fully interactive and inter-reactive HD Geolocated videos.
  • Programmable training

This experience must be tried to be believed.

It is how to set up on board console, Genesis Port and Kinomap.


icTrainer Training App

We have partnered with our friends at icTrainer – a Phenomenal new low-cost integrated training application.

Using your Genesis Bluetooth Port – to structure and customize your workout, to save your data in application or share with any of your favorite training data bases.- Share to Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, Trainerroad, Strava, Today’s plan. So, all your outdoor and indoor training is in one location.

You can create your workouts in any one of these external applications – then import into iCTrainer for icTrainer to guide you through your session. Retain in the icTrainer App. or export to any one of these training data bases.

Integrated Kayak, Rowing and Outrigger Bluetooth connected HD interactive videos with iCTrainer.

We have constructed in icTrainer template training workouts for you to just download at the click of a button.

The possibilities are endless, just some of the functionalities are:

  • Integrated Kayak, Rowing and Outrigger Bluetooth connected HD Geo-located interactive videos with icTrainer.–
  • Upload your own HD Video to the platform.
  • Screen to a large TV.
  • Create your own custom structured workout, or use our KayakPro pre-loaded structured workouts.
  • Add music for motivation in one click, Using stroke rate as the beat basis for the music.
  • Stream Netflix,
  • Train on Geo-located Google maps,
  • Create your Critical Power [CP] and Functional Threshold Power [FTP] to guide your effort level throughout your longer structured workouts. You then know empirically your best training levels. These FTP levels can be input into the icTrainer platform and then be your effort level guide. We have created and auto Calculate function template for your FTP / CP values.

Buy Genesis Port – Smart Console

Upgrade Options

 Genesis Port Bluetooth Portal
Fully Adjustable Carbon shaft.
Multiport Splitter cable.
Tickr Heart rate transmitter.
Tablet holder
Phone Holder
Kinomap Annual Subscription
Kinomap Lifetime Subscription
icTrainer 12 Months Subscription
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