Why should you choose EZ-Vee Racks?

Just consider this.

EZ-Vee racks:

  • Give your boat the lateral support it needs; long boats are subject to strong wind forces making transport unsafe.
  • They reduce point pressure, on expensive fragile hulls; therefore prevent damage to your valuable boat.
  • The Elastic bungees are super quick to use. No messing and fumbling with Cam straps.
  • They cradle your boat.
  • Compression damage due to over tightening of straps is reduced.
  • Give the best and extended support point for your boat.
  • Loading your boat is easy – place your boat on one V apply both elastics over – then the other - Simple.
  • Are interchangeable with SUP Rack platforms.
  • “V’s” are easily removed in seconds.
  • The V’s have adjustable length – in order to fit your boat better.
  • They look beautiful.
  • They are lightweight and streamlined.
  • They are durable and robust.