Racer Racks

Ahma Racks
The KayakPro® Racer Racks are designed primarily for ICF K1 racing kayaks. 5.2m [17’ 3”].
Racer Racks [with 4 x attachment bungees include] fit directly on to the cross racks of your vehicle.

There are 3 different types of fitting options

Choose your EZ-Vee Racer rack based upon your particular cross racks. All models are beautifully finished in a black, automotive quality, robust powder-coat finish. The super-foam padding allows you to carry and care for your Racing kayak with complete security giving you easy fixing and speed of loading.

Each Racer Racks comes complete with:
·  2 x Racer V’s.
·  4 x Bungees.
·  1 x Red safety tail flag.
·  2 x Cam straps for added security.

Racer racks can also be applied to

The 3 different types of cross bar fittings can accommodate most cross bars to provide a low cost, safe and easy and secure way to carry your boat.

*Round / Cylindrical Yakima Racks excluded.

Racer Racks for


Racer Racks for


Racer Racks for


Racer Racks for


3 Types of fitting options

Racer Racks

Type 1

Racer racks for Factory Cross Racks and Thule Aero Style racks.
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Racer Racks

Type 2

Racer Racks for Thule square racks. [32mm x 22mm]
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Racer Racks

Type 3

Racer Racks for T-Bolt inserts in Aero profile cross racks. [20mm slots]
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* Ensure the spacing between your cross tracks is a minimum of 90 cm [36 Inches]. In order ensure stability for your kayak.
* Different Vehicle roof lengths will allow greater spacing and alter the boats that can be accommodated.
* Please also refer to our safety guide lines for carrying boats.