The interchangeable SUPRack by KayakPro is a revolutionary, convenient, super- quick
and safe way to carry your SUP Boards.



It accommodates SUP board widths from 49.5 cm [19.5 inches] to 84 cm [33 inches] - It’s unique EZ -Adjustable width platform allows you to customize the SUP rack for your specific board width or widths.

The cushioned vertical supports retain your board securely, so there is no lateral movement and your board stays in place.

The Super-quick elasticated tie-downs mean you don’t have to reach around on top of your vehicle groping for thrown buckles of cam straps. Just hook the elastic bungees over the location pins, stretch over your board to the location pin closest to you - in 5 seconds you're ready to go.

Like all our EZ-Vee racks the platform length is also adjustable so it can support your board in the best location accommodating any length of board. When not in use the support platforms easily remove to give a streamlined car top profile.

The SUP Rack fitting platforms can be interchanged for the EZ-Vee Kayak Rack Version so you can mix and match your watercraft preferences.

€120 EUR + shipping

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