Simplified Training Plan

Simplified 9-week SwimFast Boot-camp training plan. Before commencing any training regime read and comply with the disclaimer.


3 week blocks of SwimFast perceived effort – no Bluetooth connectivity or CP testing.

Yes, you can be in front of the crowd, expect improvement gains of 25%, empirically measured in CP / watts, in just 9 weeks - transferable to the water. Take the 9-week SwimFast boot camp challenge:
Select one of 2 formats for the 9-week SwimFast
improvement program.:
Disclaimer Optimized Simplified

Sample base-line / familiarization rotational workouts are here below, Endurance, Technique and Strength. You can use these as your starting point.
For the 9-week bootcamp Structured program, organized in 3 x 3-week blocks of workouts see below. Feel free to print the training programs to guide you. It may be somewhat challenging - but it will bring results!

Ideally, try to get three rotational workouts per week (an endurance, a technique and a strength session), with at least one day of recovery between each session. Repeat these workouts for at least three weeks, in each block.

If a workout is too hard, feel free to shorten the sets, increase the rest intervals or lower the flywheel resistance.

Never compromise form and technique (high elbow catch and acceleration through the pull).

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